Teach Children to Save

WesBanco has enjoyed a long and successful history of improving financial literacy within the communities it serves, including providing financial education to local school students.
  • For over a decade, WesBanco has been featured on the American Bankers Association’s (ABA) “Honor Roll” of banks participating in the national “Teach Children to Save” and “Get Smart About Credit” initiatives.
  • In 2015, WesBanco employees devoted 580 hours participating in financial education services and events with 138 schools and youth service organizations. In providing these services, WesBanco participated in the following financial education initiatives: School Savings Program, Teach Children to Save, Financial Literacy Month, Get Smart About Credit, Junior Achievement and Accounting for Kids Day.
  • WesBanco was one of nine banks nationwide selected for the inaugural Youth Savings Pilot Program, an initiative of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which seeks to identify and highlight promising approaches to offering financial education tied to the opening of safe, low-cost savings accounts to school-aged children and youth.
  • WesBanco enjoys an expanded partnership with the national “America Saves” financial education campaign, and two senior WesBanco officers serve on the America Saves Advisory Board. A WesBanco officer is also the founding member of the West Virginia Saves initiative.

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