Estate Administration Services

Your Will should name an executor who is willing and able to assume responsibility for the management and distribution of your estate assets. Executorship demands the highest integrity and a wide range of professional knowledge and skills.

Although you may want to name your spouse or a relative as executor, that may subject your estate to certain risks. The person named may be unable to give the settlement of your estate the attention it deserves because of poor health, lack of experience, or the demands of business and personal affairs. Because there is potential for personal financial liability when acting as executor for an estate, serving as an executor is not an honor but rather an obligation. WesBanco has an estate division that can devote adequate time and attention to your estate and will always be available to offer your beneficiaries advice or help.

Not a deposit       Not FDIC insured       Not insured by any federal government agency
Not guaranteed by the bank       May go down in value

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