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Fraud Prevention

Keep your business secure with services to reduce the risk of fraud

As banking processes become more sophisticated, so do attempts at fraudulent check transactions. At WesBanco, we are attuned to fraud risks and urge all of our business customers to consider our fraud prevention services to lower the risk of your business becoming the target of fraud.

Positive Pay Services

Streamline cash management and reduce fraud with Check Positive Pay. Check Positive Pay is a powerful fraud prevention tool used by business customers to prevent against check fraud. Check Positive Pay is a web-based tool that can help you combat check fraud and forgery. It is a method upon which checks are compared against the record of checks that have been legitimately issued by the customer in order to create a list of suspect items.


  • Fraud Control - Check positive pay service provides you the tools to detect and counteract potential check fraud
  • Manage Check Verification - Allows you to identify discrepancies before the posting of an item is finalized
  • Daily Reconciliation - Simplifies your daily process of exception item handling
  • Lowered costs – The expense of cancelled checks or fraudulently allocated funds can be costly to any organization

ACH Debit Blocking

Our ACH Debit Blocking service allows your business to designate users authorized to post electronic debits to your account. All other ACH debits are automatically blocked and returned to the originator as “corporate customer advises not authorized.” This unique account will allow you to spend more of your time managing your business and less time managing your cash and borrowing needs.


  • Protect your company from fraudulent electronic transactions.
  • Allow only authorized trading partners and government entities to debit your accounts.
  • Maintain security and control over your accounts.

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