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We take care of doctors! Our exclusive in-house physician’s mortgage loan program is designed specifically for medical residents/fellowships and physicians. You’ve worked hard to become a doctor, let WesBanco help take care of your home financing.

Physician's mortgage loans provide special terms offered only to doctors. You can get a mortgage loan with these advantages even if you're burdened with student loan debt and aren't yet making a great deal of money. Our mortgage loans for medical professionals provide a number of benefits not available with conventional loans, including:

  • 100% financing with no down payment. You will need to pay down the loan principal through regular mortgage payments to gain equity in your home or the property value appreciates.
  • No private mortgage insurance requirement.
  • Student loan debt excluded from the debt-to-income ratio (DTI). Debt-to-income ratio is used to decide if an applicant is creditworthy. High DTI can render many potential borrowers ineligible for a mortgage loan. Other types of loans still count toward DTI, including auto loans, credit card debt and personal loans.

Our Doctor’s Mortgage Loan Program is tailored for medical professionals including doctors (M.D.’s), Osteopathic Doctors (D.O.’s), and medical residents. Recent medical school grads can get a physician’s home loan without a down payment when they show an employment contract and letter from their employer. To qualify, home purchases must be made within your first two years of practice.

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As you take the next step in your life and career, WesBanco will be there. Speak to a local loan officer to learn more about leveraging our mortgage loan program for doctors to finance a home in your new community. Or, start the application process online now.

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