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  • Woman overseeing discussion at business room table
    Business Insights: Lean Thinking for Better Business Operations

    Lean Thinking for Better Business Operations

    Here’s how small businesses can adopt lean principles to achieve smart, sustainable growth.

  • Young male, upset entrepreneur and tired business owner with burnout, upset and mental health.
    Business Insights: Ransomware

    Ransomware: What Business Owners Need to Know

    Find out what ransomware is, the threat it presents to small businesses, and how you can defend against it.

  • Hidden Money in Your House

    Home equity is a resource you can borrow against to pay off debt or make investments that help your money grow.

  • Row of older houses in a row.
    The WesBanco Neighborhood Minute

    Spring Housing Market 2023: The Neighborhood Minute June 2023

    The spring housing market usually heats up along with the temps, but buyers entering the market this season will be dealing with more than just inventory issues. Additionally, home prices don’t seem to be budging anytime soon, causing most buyers to stick even closer to their budgets. Read on to find out how mortgage affordability and housing supply will affect both buyers and sellers this season, along with up-to-the-minute housing market predictions.

  • Aerial view of housing development
    The WesBanco Neighborhood Minute

    Home Prices Dip as Mortgage Rates Climb | The Neighborhood Minute May 2023

    As we put the early part of 2023 behind us, it’s easy to see the housing market is fighting a tug-of-war battle among high inflation, steep interest rates and recession fears. Mortgage rates continue to fluctuate minimally, despite these uncertainties and the Federal Reserve’s recent hike in March.

  • Man sitting at the table, holding a pen and signing contract. Focus on hands, unrecognizable person.
    WesBanco Business Insights: 5 Estate Planning Essentials for Entrepreneurs

    5 Estate Planning Essentials for Entrepreneurs

    It’s a task that lots of busy entrepreneurs put off. But crafting a comprehensive estate plan is essential.

  • Family discussing documents while sitting in the living room together.

    Help Keep the Peace Over Your Estate: 9 Tips

    Americans transfer approximately $400 billion in wealth through inheritance each year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wealth transfer is an important source of home and business ownership. That can be a lot to fight about. You can help by making your decisions clear to your children.

  • Thinking financial advisor businessman working at office.

    Unconventional Investment Wisdom

    To make investing seem easier, a number of “rules of thumb” have evolved over the years. Such rules have a basis in experience, but they tend to oversimplify the dynamics and challenges of sound portfolio management. Here are some examples.

  • Elderly convenience shop owner, smiling in an aisle.

    5 Advantages of Semi-Retirement

    Whether you want more financial freedom or a renewed sense of purpose, working a part-time job during retirement offers benefits everyone can appreciate.

  • How to Thrive in the 3 Phases of Financial Life

    Whether we know it or not, we all go through three phases in our financial life: accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Learning about these phases can help you plan for retirement and protect your assets.

  • How a 20 year old can save $1 million by age 65

    If you want a happy retirement, aiming to save $1 million dollars for it is a good start.

  • asian woman looking at a computer screen while holding documents.

    Bad Tax Advice on Social Media

    Every year the IRS publishes a “dirty dozen” tax scams that taxpayers should avoid. A new one was added this year: Getting tax advice from social media. The Service reported on two specific bad suggestions that have been observed circulating on social media, and warns that either of them could lead to tax penalties.

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