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Trust Services1

  • Professional Financial Planning

    Financial planning is an important process to help you and your family reach specific goals. We have experienced a myriad of circumstances that have presented challenges to clients that benefited from our unbiased approach.

    We live in a global economy that is increasingly impacted by geopolitical events. Many individuals do not have the resources and background to be able to anticipate the impact of these events on their financial well being. We offer access to a wide array of mutual funds and separately managed accounts. Through a disciplined, active investment approach, we are able to design a portfolio strategy that will help achieve your objectives.

    Your personal financial plan will be based on your assets and family situation, and it will address both immediate and long-range concerns. Periodically we will review your plan with respect to changes in your circumstances to ensure that plan is performing consistently with your overall goals.

    WesBanco’s trust officers will work with you, your attorney, your accountant, and other appropriate advisors to develop a financial plan that is tailor-made for you. And once you have an account set up with WesBanco you can view your account online with TrustLink.

  • Personal Trust Services

    If you’re concerned with the management of your property during your lifetime or after your death, consider setting up a trust. The trustee you select should be able to provide continuous, comprehensive management with both administrative and investment guidance.

    What is a trust? It’s created by a document that lets you transfer property to a trustee so that the property may be administered for the benefit of yourself or others. The trust:

    • Manages some or all of your assets;
    • Operates now or at any time in the future;
    • Designed to accomplish your stated objectives;
    • Employs whatever terms you choose;
    • Is subject to your investment discretion.

    Trusts offer you flexibility and confidentiality. You can fund a trust with almost any kind of asset: cash, securities, income-producing real estate, or insurance proceeds. You may retain or give your trustee as much control as you desire. You can specify how and to whom the income will be paid, for what purposes and the method of distribution. In short, you can design a trust to do whatever is necessary to meet your needs.

    Selecting a family member to serve as your Trustee can create family tension. A Corporate Trustee can provide impartial decision making that may protect and preserve your estate. Professional asset management may also improve the rate of return on your assets and provide a decision making process that is not influenced by emotions. We welcome the opportunity to serve as Co-Trustee with family members.

  • Estate Administration Services

    Your Will should name an executor who is willing and able to assume responsibility for the management and distribution of your estate assets. Executorship demands the highest integrity and a wide range of professional knowledge and skills.

    Although you may want to name your spouse or a relative as executor, that may subject your estate to certain risks. The person named may be unable to give the settlement of your estate the attention it deserves because of poor health, lack of experience, or the demands of business and personal affairs. Because there is potential for personal financial liability when acting as executor for an estate, serving as an executor is not an honor but rather an obligation. WesBanco has an estate division that can devote adequate time and attention to your estate and will always be available to offer your beneficiaries advice or help.