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Trust Services1

  • Professional Financial Planning

    Financial planning is an important process to help you and your family reach specific goals. We have experienced a myriad of circumstances that have presented challenges to clients that benefited from our unbiased approach.

    We live in a global economy that is increasingly impacted by geopolitical events. Many individuals do not have the resources and background to be able to anticipate the impact of these events on their financial well being. We offer access to a wide array of mutual funds and separately managed accounts. Through a disciplined, active investment approach, we are able to design a portfolio strategy that will help achieve your objectives.

    Your personal financial plan will be based on your assets and family situation, and it will address both immediate and long-range concerns. Periodically we will review your plan with respect to changes in your circumstances to ensure that plan is performing consistently with your overall goals.

    WesBanco’s trust officers will work with you, your attorney, your accountant, and other appropriate advisors to develop a financial plan that is tailor-made for you. And once you have an account set up with WesBanco you can view your account online with TrustLink.

  • Personal Trust Services

    The first time you sit down with a Trust Officer, you will know you are in a very unique part of our bank. You will be surprised to learn that our Trust Officers help clients pay bills, file taxes, maintain insurance policies and even help with the oversight and protection of homes, business properties and mineral rights. Some of our clients are completely capable of managing various financial tasks themselves, but they choose to let us handle them for the sake of convenience. That is a great place to start, and a chance for us to work along side of you and grow to understand your preferences for the way money is made, invested and spent.

    Some clients have worked with us for decades and now find that advanced age makes it difficult for them to manage their money the way they used to. Because we are so familiar with them, it’s a seamless transition when WesBanco administers those tasks for them and ensures that their financial lives continue to operate without errors or disruptions.

    Taking care of the financial responsibilities of an elderly or disabled family member can become a full time job in itself. If that responsibility is yours and you would like some help, talk to a WesBanco Trust Officer today and explore the options that are available. Once you experience the organization and simplicity of a Trust Account, you will wonder how you ever managed without one.

  • Estate Administration Services

    The Simple Estate
    You have a simple plan in mind that involves the transfer of various assets to family members when you pass away. But the process of following your plan can be complicated for your surviving family members and filled with crucial details that must not be overlooked. Talk to a WesBanco Trust Officer about what you have in mind and any planning you’ve already done. We have assisted with the administration of hundreds of estates and we can provide guidance to help you develop and implement the steps necessary to ensure your estate is handled properly.

    When Things Aren’t So Simple
    Who will take care of my spouse when I’m gone? Who will help my children make sound decisions with the inheritance they receive? Who will protect and grow the assets that I’ve successfully managed all these years? If you identify with any of those questions, or if you have completely unique concerns, a WesBanco Trust Officer can show you effective methods for dealing with them. When you have family members with special circumstances, we want to hear about it because we can help you plan for it. Sit down with us and tell us about your family and the things that concern you.

    Executorship demands a high level of integrity and a wide range of professional knowledge and skills. For decades, we’ve worked with multiple generations of families, and each relationship started with a simple conversation. A few sound decisions today can make a world of difference for your family for generations to come.

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