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Our Mission, Vision, and Pledge in Action

WesBanco’s commitment to sustainability directly reflects our renewed Mission, Vision, and Pledge (“MVP”) that guide our operations.  For more than 150 years, WesBanco has remained a strong and stable financial institution with deep community roots.  We recognize that our role extends beyond providing financial services to being active stewards of key sustainability principles.  These principles are not peripheral concerns but are central to how we operate – ensuring strong governance, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, and supporting our communities’ social and environmental well-being.

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Our Stakeholders

We believe in generating long-term value for all our stakeholders. We engage with our stakeholders in different ways throughout the year to understand how we can continue to best serve them.

WesBanco: Our Communities | Our People & Their Families | Our Customers | Our Investors | Our Regulators | Our Business Partners

Our mission is to build lasting prosperity through genuine relationships and tailored solutions that empower our customers for success in their unique financial journeys.  It expresses a profound commitment to customer success, and by extension, the success of our organization, people, and communities.  Our sustainability efforts across talent and culture, business integrity, and community development ensure we remain a strong, responsive institution well-positioned to accomplish our mission every day.

Our vision of making every community we serve a better place for people and businesses to thrive is at the heart of our sustainability efforts.  This vision guides us to integrate sustainability principles deeply into our operations, ensuring that our actions today help foster a better tomorrow for all our stakeholders.

Our Pledge shapes our culture and guides how we operate and make decisions.  We Pledge respect, exceptional customer experiences, soundness and stability, accountability, and stewardship – values fundamental to advancing our sustainability initiatives.

Guided by our MVP, the sustainability initiatives detailed in this report contribute to lasting success for our teams, customers, communities, and shareholders, helping ensure we thrive together.

Our Priorities

  • Committed to Our Communities

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    Delivering for our diverse and growing communities through strategic partnerships and impactful community development lending and investment and service initiatives that provide economic opportunities for all.

  • Empowering Our People

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    Recruiting, developing, and engaging a diverse workforce that is committed to delivering for our clients.


  • Reasonable and Responsible Environmental Stewardship

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    Demonstrating our commitment to being good stewards of the environment and of our clients’ financial wellbeing.


  • Doing Business with Integrity

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    Demonstrating our strong governance, risk management, business ethics, and information security & data privacy policies & practices.



Oversight and Accountability

Our Board of Directors and Executive Team are actively engaged in our sustainability strategy. Our Sustainability Committee, a group of cross-functional senior leaders, leads our program and provides regular updates to the Board. As our strategy develops, we are committed to providing additional reporting and transparency on this webpage and other key documents, as appropriate.

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