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Get Started With Your New Deposit Account

We are committed to making your banking experience as easy and convenient as possible. You will receive a text from 68971 – that’s us – to welcome you to your WesBanco Customer Feed with helpful information about getting started with your new account. We hope you enjoy this experience!

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Click each section below to learn how to enroll and get the most out of your new account.
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Manage Your Account 24/7

  • Click here to enroll in Online Banking. Simply follow the prompts to enroll. Please note you will need your account number for the enrollment process. You will also be asked to provide your last statement balance – as a new customer – you may simply enter “0” in this field.

    Be sure to enroll in Online Banking before downloading the app and enrolling in Mobile Banking. You will use the same login credentials for Mobile Banking that were set up for Online Banking.

    You must be enrolled in Online Banking before downloading WesBanco’s Mobile Banking app. You can enroll in Online Banking via your desktop computer or your web browser on your mobile device. You will use the same login credentials for Mobile Banking that were set up for Online Banking.

    To download WesBanco’s Mobile Banking app from the App Store or Google Play:

    Simply scan the QR Code below with your mobile phone camera.

    Simply tap the corresponding icon below.

    QR code that scans to mobile app store for apple and android devices to download the wesbanco consumer mobile app
    Opens Apple’s App Store Opens Google’s Play Store


  • Follow the steps below to set up Bill Pay, Add a Payee, and set up recurring payments with Auto-Pay:

    1) Sign into Online Banking, select “Bill Pay” from the menu bar.

    • Click on “Enroll now” and then choose which accounts you want to use for Bill Pay. Please note the Default Account is used to pay your bills online, however you can change it during this process.

    2) To Add a Payee

    • Go to “Make Payments” and in the “Pay Someone New” field, enter who you want to pay and select “Add.”
    • Once the payee is added, select “Go to Make Payments” to complete your payment. (As a tip, we recommend having a recent bill handy when adding a payee.)

    3) To set up recurring payments with Auto-Pay

    • Select your payee in the list of payees and click on the payee’s name to open the Options menu.
    • From the Options menu, click the “Set up Auto-Pay” link. The Auto-Pay Options window appears.
    • Enter the payment information.
    • Click the Save auto-pay options
    • The Confirmation: Auto-Pay Options window appears.
    • Click Close.

    As a reminder Bill Pay enrollment must be done in Online Banking. After enrollment, you can pay your bills via Online Banking or the Mobile app.

  • Learn how to deposit checks via your smart phone using our Mobile Deposit feature.

    Please endorse the back of each check with:

    1. For Mobile Deposit Only
    2. The last four digits of your WesBanco account #
    3. Your signature

    Open WesBanco Mobile app and select the “+” button at the bottom.
    Then select Deposit.

    Make sure you:

    1. Take a picture of the front AND back of the check
    2. Select the account where you’d like to deposit check
    3. Add email address for receipt of deposit

    View Demo

  • Learn how to send and receive funds from family and friends using Zelle® via our Mobile app.1

    1. Log into the WesBanco Mobile app
    2. Tap “+” at the bottom of the screen, then select the Zelle® icon
    3. Select “Get Started”
    4. Enroll your U.S. mobile number or email address*
    5. You’re ready to start sending and receiving money with Zelle®

    Visit our Zelle® page for more information or explore this guided demo showing how to enroll.

    *Please note, your Zelle® notifications will default to your email address. If you want to receive text notifications, you can change your settings after enrollment by selecting “Settings,” then “Notifications,” and selecting your mobile number.

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Access Your Funds

  • WesBanco offers several convenient ways for you to add funds to your account, including setting up a Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is a fast and easy way to receive your paycheck right into your account from your employer, if they offer it. All you need to do is fill out the information below and submit it to your employer. Your employer might also have their own process so be sure to check with them on their process.

    Set up Direct Deposit (PDF)

  • Activate your WesBanco Debit Card by following these steps:

    1. Activate your card before first use by calling 1-877-205-3215
    2. During activation, you will need to select a Personal Identification Number (PIN)

    Card Controls

    Card Controls are available to debit card customers within the Consumer Mobile Banking app. Card Controls give you more control over your debit card by selecting when, where and for how much your cards can be used. You can even disable or re-enable a card for use.

    You can set preferences by:

    • Location
    • Transaction
    • Merchant Types
    • Threshold Amounts

    When card usage doesn’t meet the criteria you set, those transactions are declined.

    To enable Card Controls on your mobile app – select the “More” tab at the bottom right of the home screen. Then select the card you would like to manage. This guided demo can walk you through how the process is done.

  • Set up Mobile Wallet and start making payments with your smartphone.

    Get started with contactless payments at the register right from your smartphone with your WesBanco Debit Card.  Click here to learn more about adding the Mobile Wallet of your choice and begin shopping!

  • With WesBanco, you have access to more than 55,000 surcharge-free ATM’s nationwide Locate an ATM near you.

  • We recommend that you order your checks directly through Harland Clarke at, or contact your local banking center and you can place your order with one of our representatives.

    When ordering your checks through Harland Clarke, you will need to know your WesBanco routing number and account number.

    WesBanco Bank, Inc. routing number:


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Stay Informed

  • You will be prompted to enroll in Online Documents as part of your Online Banking enrollment.  Simply select that you would like to receive an electronic statement.  You can update or change your statement delivery method at any time by selecting the “Documents” tab in Online Banking.

    Once enrolled, you can view past eStatements on either Online Banking or the mobile app.

  • With one powerful tool, access your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, financial tips and education.2 You can do this anytime and anywhere in your WesBanco Mobile app.  Our new Credit Score feature is safe, secure and doesn’t affect your credit score.

    Enroll in Credit Score

    You will be able to access your credit score and report in your Mobile app by clicking “View Credit Score” on the main page and then click enroll. It’s that easy! Once enrolled, you will be able to see your credit score every time you open your Mobile app by clicking “View Credit Score.”

    Our Credit Score feature provides an added level of credit protection by providing real-time credit monitoring alerts. It also has financial tips and education to help you understand the factors that make up their credit score and ways to improve it.

    Visit our Credit Score page for more information or click here for a short demo on how to enroll.

    1. Log into Online Banking
    2. Select the “All” tab from the top main navigation
    3. Select the “Settings” tab
    4. Select “Alerts”
    5. Choose which account to receive alerts and how you would like to receive them either text or email
    6. Select what type of alerts you would like to receive

    As a reminder account alert enrollment must be done in Online Banking.

  • Alerts are available to debit card customers within the Consumer Mobile Banking app. You can set Alerts to keep up to date with a real-time notification on how your debit is used.

    You can set preferences by All Transactions or Specific Alerts, such as:

    • Merchant Alerts
    • Transaction Alerts
    • Threshold Amounts
    • International Transactions

    When card usage meets the criteria you set, you will receive a push notification on your mobile device.

    To enable Alerts on your mobile app – select the “More” tab at the bottom right of your home screen. This guided demo can show you how!

    Please note that you must enable Card Controls first before Alerts can be managed.

  • Use Personal Finance to view account balances and transactions from all your financial institutions for a complete picture of your finances anywhere any time. Transactions, balances, and your budget are together in one place. Get started with Personal Finance today! Click here to learn more about Personal Finance.

  • Take our Financial Wellness quiz. WesBanco is committed to helping you achieve your financial and life planning goals. It all starts with an honest assessment of what you already know, and more importantly what you need to learn. We pledge to expand your financial knowledge so you can confidently navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

    Please visit our Education and Insights page to explore our other financial topics.

Looking for Savings?

The perfect companion to your WesBanco checking account. All of our accounts are available with a Companion Savings account with no minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee when monthly statements are combined and accounts have identical ownership.

Companion Savings
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