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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Consider certificates of deposit (CDs) for flexible, long-term savings opportunities.

CDs provide an opportunity to grow your savings, undisturbed, over a set period of time. The limited-withdrawal structure of CDs creates a long-term savings option, locking in your funds at a higher interest rate so they continue to grow over time, and making your hard-earned money work even harder. Choose the CD term length that works best for your savings goals.

Visit your local banking center or call us for current CD terms and rate information.

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CD-Rate Special

Earn 4.50% APY with a 7-month term Certificate of Deposit.*

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CD Terms

Available in term increments from 3-60 months, funds are deposited and remain in the account untouched until the term is up, earning a fixed-rate of interest. Generally, the longer you are able to leave funds, the higher your interest rate.

Long-term, Interest-Bearing Accounts

CDs are a great option for long-term savings and offer a guaranteed rate of return that’s typically higher than regular savings accounts. They offer a safe, low risk solution, with CD interest rates guaranteed through the length of the term. CDs are also FDIC insured up to the applicable limits.

NOTE: Because certificates of deposit are designed for long-term savings, there is a penalty for early withdrawal, so make sure you’re comfortable leaving your deposit amount untouched for the length of your chosen CD term.

Automatic renewals

Your certificate of deposit will automatically renew at the end of the term, unless you tell us otherwise. You will get a maturity notice in advance so you can decide if you would rather redeem your CD funds or even look for another term option.

Visit your local banking center or call us at 800-905-9043 for current CD and rate information.

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