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Business Line of Credit

Easy access to a commercial or small business line of credit to manage large expenditures allows your business to be more flexible.

As your business enters a season of growth – perhaps you’re ramping up production or releasing a new product or service – you may require additional capital to cover expenses. A business line of credit provides access to short-term funding that is flexible to fit your current needs. Learn more about the requirements, features and benefits of our business lines of credit below to find the right option to support your company’s growth.

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Small Business FlexLine of Credit Features:

Simple, online application through WesBanco’s FinanceNow portal. Apply today!

  • Line of credit that you can draw funds as needed
  • $10,000 — $50,000 loan amount
  • Credit score-based approval
  • Unsecured
  • Learn more about the requirements, features and benefits of a Small Business FlexLine of Credit below.

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Small Business FlexLine of Credit

Take advantage of an interest-only payment draw period.

  • Variable rate (indexed to the prime rate)
  • Revolving line of credit with loan amounts available up to $50,000
  • Monthly interest-only payments during the 36-month draw period that can be conveniently auto-deducted from a WesBanco business checking account
  • Convenient transfers with online and mobile banking to a WesBanco business checking account for advances
  • Express applications based on credit score approval for lines $50,000 and less
  • Unsecured only


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Minimum Qualifications:
700+ FICO Score of owner guarantors
1 full year in business
WesBanco Business Checking Account for funding and auto-pay
Owners of 20% or more of business must guarantee loan

Commercial Line of Credit

Borrow what you need when you need it – Pay it Back – Borrow it again.

  • Minimum loan amount $10,000
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Variable rate (indexed to the prime rate)
  • Interest only payment options
  • Automatic payments conveniently deducted from your WesBanco business checking account.

In addition to the FlexLine, WesBanco offers a standard commercial line of credit for small, medium or large businesses. Designed to provide the coverage you need for operating costs, this line of credit helps you keep an even cash flow cycle for easier money management. You can automatically link the credit line to a WesBanco deposit account for overdraft protection, set up automated withdrawals or borrow against it for short-term cash flow needs as you would with the FlexLine. You can also simplify repayment by designating any excess deposit balances to be applied to the credit line daily.

While you may choose to treat this revolving credit line a bit more like a credit card, borrowing and then paying back principal and interest payments – even if it’s just the minimum, interest-only iterations of this credit line are also available. Speak to a WesBanco Lending Officer to learn more.

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Additional Borrowing Options

For credit needs under $10,000, consider a WesBanco business credit card. We have a number of cards with varying terms so you can choose the one that best fits your business needs – from rewards cards to non-profit focused cards to cards that provide detailed expense tracking, handle daily expenditures for your company with confidence.

Subject to credit approval.

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Take advantage of an interest-only draw period.

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