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Portfolio Management1

A smarter way to look at investing.

Asset Allocation is a fundamental concept in personal financial planning and investment management. It is the process of diversifying your investments among different types of assets.

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Academic studies indicate that over 90% of investment return is determined by the answers to two basic questions:

  • What asset classes should I include in the asset mix and what asset classes should I exclude?
  • What percentage of my portfolio should be invested in each asset class?

Superior Investment Results

The real opportunity to achieve superior investment results lies not in scrambling to out-perform the market, but in establishing appropriate long-term strategies that will allow you to achieve your objectives with the least amount of risk.

Assisting individual investors in determining the most efficient portfolio relative to risk, return and tax efficiency is the basis of the investment planning process employed by WesBanco Securities.

Long-term Portfolio Management also encompasses analysis of portfolios at a micro-level:

  • Should my qualified accounts (IRAs, profit-sharing plan, etc.) be invested differently from my non-qualified accounts (taxable accounts)?
  • How does one achieve an efficient portfolio while owning a concentrated equity position?
  • How should my growth assets be titled so as to minimize estate taxes?

WesBanco Securities brings an array of resources to the task of Portfolio Management. We focus on understanding individual circumstances and goals and creating investment portfolios to meet each client’s unique needs.

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