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Debit Cards

Convenient for Everyday Use Plus Added Security.

WesBanco Debit Cards offer a safe, convenient way to pay for your everyday purchases. Plus, they come with EMV chip-enabled technology and Visa’s Zero Liability Protection.1

WesBanco Debit Card Features Include:

  • Card Controls — View Demo
  • Alerts — View Demo
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Contactless
  • Visa Click to Pay
  • Pay Your Bills with Peace of Mind
  • Pay Safer in Stores

Check out all the flexible features... and added security!

  • Card Controls and Alerts

    Card Controls and Alerts are available to debit card customers within the Consumer Mobile Banking app. Card Controls give you more control over your debit card by selecting when, where and for how much your cards can be used. You can even disable or re-enable a card for use. Plus, you can set Alerts to keep up to date with real-time notifications.

    For Card Controls you can set preferences by: Location, Transaction, Merchant Types, and Threshold Amounts. When card usage doesn’t meet the criteria you set, those transactions are declined. Learn how to enable or disable a debit card, and manage your card preferences with this guided demo.

    For Alerts you can set preferences by: All Transactions or Specific Alerts to receive, such as Merchant Alerts, Transaction Alerts, Threshold Amounts or even International Transactions. When card usage meets the criteria you set, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. Explore the demo to learn how to enable and manage Alerts.

    To enable Card Controls and Alerts on your mobile app – select the “More” tab. Please note that you must enable Card Controls first before Alerts can be managed.

  • Mobile Wallet

    Pay seamlessly on the go. Your card can be used with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay. Shop at ease by using your phone at the register.

    Apple Pay Logo

    Go to the Wallet app.

    Tap the “Add” button.

    Tap Credit or Debit Card.

    Follow the instructions to scan your card or manually register your card.

    Google Pay Logo

    Open your Google Pay app.

    Tap on “Pay Friend or Group”

    Tap the “+” to add your credit or debit card.

    Use the camera to capture your card info or enter it manually.

    Samsung Pay Logo

    Open your Samsung Pay app.

    Tap Menu in the top left corner (three lines on top left), and then tap Cards.

    Next, tap Add card, then tap “+” to add your credit or debit card”

    Follow the instructions to scan your card or manually register your card.



  • Contactless Debit Card

    Tap to pay for a secure, convenient and touch-free way to checkout where you see the Contactless Symbol. Click to learn more.

  • Visa Click to Pay

    Pay safer and simpler online. With Visa Click to Pay, use a single login to pay online from any device. Also, add this card to other online payment services such as PayPal. An extra layer of security, Visa Secure helps protect you against fraud when shopping online.

  • Pay Your Bills with Peace of Mind

    Protect your account number by using your card to set-up automatic payments to pay your bills.

  • Pay Safer in Stores

    The embedded chip on your new card provides enhanced security, reducing the risk of fraud at the register.

  • Instant Issue

    Conveniently have your debit card replaced in minutes at your local banking center with our instant issue process.

Looking for Savings?

The perfect companion to your WesBanco checking account. All of our accounts are available with a Companion Savings account with no minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee when monthly statements are combined and accounts have identical ownership.

Companion Savings
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Free Mobile Deposits

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