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Online Budget Calculator | Budgeting Tool

03/15/2020 - Calculators, Financial Wellness & Life Planning, Budgeting

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Balance Your Finances with Our Online Budget Calculator

Budgeting enables you to meet your goals and prioritize your expenses. Once you use the below budgeting tool to create a budget, you can begin to balance your living expenses, savings and extra funds for spending.

Opening a savings account is especially important for managing your money better. Not sure what savings account is right for you? Compare the different savings accounts WesBanco offers.

How to Use an Online Budget Planner

This online budget calculator provides a way to list your monthly and yearly expenses and compare it to your income, making it simple to create a budget you can stick to.

To use the online budget calculator:

  • Enter your monthly after-tax income
  • Add expenses that you spend monthly
    • Select “Add Another” to add expenses
  • Use the dropdown arrow for each expense to adjust the label or delete it entirely
  • To the right of each individual expense, enter how much it costs



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