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How a 20 year old can save $1 million by age 65

04/20/2023 - Financial Wellness & Life Planning

How a 20-Year-Old Can Save $1 Million by Age 65

If you want a happy retirement, aiming to save $1 million for it is a good start. How much you need to save each month depends on your annual rate of return.

Your Rate of Return is a Big Deal

Each of these four 20-year-olds is starting with $0 and wants to have $1 million at age 65. See how their rate of return affects how much they need to save each month.

Cartoon silhouette of a young woman with a bob cut.

Nora earns a 4% annual rate of return. She needs to save $662 each month.

Cartoon silhouette of a young man with braids.

Cameron earns a 6% annual rate of return. He needs to save $363 each month.

cartoon silhouette of a young man with gray glasses.

Owen earns an 8% annual rate of return. He needs to save $190 each month.

Cartoon silhouette of a young woman with long turquoise hair.

Ava earns a 10% annual rate of return. She needs to save $96 each month.

Save Now, Smile Later

Planning today will prepare you for the future. Invest your money and watch it grow. Need an Investing Guide or Financial Advisor?1 Our financial advisors are here to help you learn how to invest and make the right choices for your portfolio.

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