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Protecting Your Mobile Device

01/28/2019 - Avoiding Fraud & Enhancing Security, Leveraging Digital and Mobile Tools

Protect Mobile Banking

Using a mobile device to conduct financial business with WesBanco has become increasingly popular with our customers. While we continue to maintain a safe and secure environment for your important banking information, the following are some things you can do to help in this effort as you track your finances on-the-go:

  • Create a strong account password. Your password should contain at least one number and a capitalized letter. Do not use your name, birth date or any other personal information that is easily identifiable in your password. Additionally, it is wise to change your password every month or so.
  • Treat your phone like a computer. Download any security patch updates and antivirus software on your phone; this will help you avoid obtaining a virus or some other harmful issue on your phone. Be sure to pay attention to pop-up notices or other alerts that may be warning you about security issues or leaving trusted websites and only download information from trusted sources.
  • Secure your phone with a password. Secure your phone and SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card with a password and set your phone to automatically lock when you are not using it. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, this will protect your private and secure information. Furthermore, be sure to log off completely after using a mobile banking site or application.
  • Delete old messages. Make sure to delete text messages from your financial institution once you have read them. You may also want to regularly delete your browsing history and other old information.

In addition to the things you should DO to protect your mobile devices, here is a quick list of things to AVOID doing to keep your information safe and secure:

  • Never send your personal information or online banking credentials via email or text.
  • Steer clear of entering personal information on websites that do not have the security symbol near the URL.
  • Avoid banking or shopping online using an unsecured, public Wi-Fi network.
  • Try not to set your phone settings to auto-fill User IDs and password information. While this may be convenient, it may not necessarily be safe with a mobile device that can be lost or stolen.
  • After writing down your mobile device’s make, model, and serial number, never store it in a public area. It is important to have this information if your phone is stolen, as you will have the information readily available for the police, but you do not want others to gain access to this private information.

Mobile devices provide a convenient way to do business. Taking the time to protect your device and the information within your device gives you the peace of mind you need to work and play safely and securely. For information about mobile banking at WesBanco, click here, call Customer Service at 1-800-905-9043 or contact your local WesBanco Banking Center.

Content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal or financial advice. The views expressed are those of the author.

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