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Treasury Management Services and Solutions

05/28/2024 - Business Planning, Business Insights, Growing Your Business

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In today’s rapidly-changing business world, treasury management is crucial. It helps businesses grow steadily, prepare for the future and stay strong during uncertain economic times by keeping finances in order.

Effective treasury management tools allow businesses to monitor accounts, manage risks and control cash flow seamlessly. Smaller businesses typically address these needs with the standard online banking platform, but growing businesses often need more sophisticated tools to address the increased complexity of managing more transactions, accounts and staff.

If you’re looking to implement treasury management solutions, choose a holistic approach that includes end-to-end business finance monitoring including cash flow, fraud prevention, retirement planning and more.

Cash Flow and Liquidity Management

Cash flow and liquidity management help you maximize your cash position. Business deposit solutions help streamline the management of your account balances for short-term investments, effortlessly enabling you to save more or reduce loans without the need for constant oversight. With features like account concentration and automated sweeps, you can prioritize the simplicity of automation, empowering you to maximize your cash efficiently every day, without the hassle of manual management.

Fraud Prevention

Treasury management helps you safeguard against fraudulent activities. By implementing robust procedures and policies, you can detect and prevent unauthorized transactions. Money transfers and payments are another area that can leave your business vulnerable. Protect your business against check fraud and set permissions for companies who can debit your account by utilizing services that provide enhanced control and security.

Receivables and Payables Management

Treasury management services also include solutions to optimize the management of receivables and payables, such as lockbox services, wire transfers, foreign exchange services, electronic invoicing and merchant processing. Whether large or small, your business’s cash management should be simple and it should save you time. And these solutions do just that—improve efficiency by taking on the daily management of accounts payable and receivable.

Business Retirement Planning

A business retirement plan can enhance your company offerings through a cost-effective savings plan available to business owners and their employees. As your business grows and changes, many established retirement plans get difficult to manage, no longer fit your budget or employee needs. At WesBanco, you can customize your small or mid-sized business retirement plan when the need arises.

The Importance of Treasury Management

WesBanco’s Treasury Management team aspires to empower our business banking clients with individualized services that exceed their highest expectations. Treasury management is essential for your business to sustain long term growth and success. If your banking needs are more complex, our treasury management services can provide valuable ways to save time and help strengthen your business finances. Set your business up for long-term success with WesBanco’s treasury management services.

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