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    College Budget Breakdown

    Breaking down college expenses is the first step in creating an accurate and successful budget.

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    Savings Calculator

    With a savings account, your money will grow over time. That growth will change based on how much you save each month, the interest rate on the account, and how long you save.

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    WesBanco Wellness: Ready, Set, Retire!

    See How Much You Should Be Saving for Retirement

    It's critical to begin saving for retirement as early as possible; that's because it can take time for your funds to grow. This calculator will allow you to see how much you need to save now in order to enjoy your current standard of living when you retire.

  • WesBanco Wellness: Ready, Set, Retire!

    Critical Retirement Choices

    The idea of retiring isn't new. People who grew too old or too ill stopped working and stayed home long before pensions and Social Security. But as people live longer, the retirement experience takes on a different meaning.

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    Double your investments with the 72 Rule

    The Rule of 72 is a way to estimate how long it will take for an investment to double at a given interest rate, assuming a fixed annual rate of interest. This calculator flips the 72 rule and shows what interest rate you would need to double your investment in a set number of years.

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    See how far your salary will get you, in your city!

    Not all cities cost the same to live there, so it's important to predict what expenses will change if you move and by how much. The Cost of Living Calculator is a tool that will show you a comparable salary between two different cities as well as how prices may fluctuate for the most common expenses.

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    How much will my home actually cost?

    Because mortgage payments divide the cost of the mortgage into monthly chunks for the length of the loan, it can be hard to assess how much you'll end up paying in total for your home, and with interest, the amount you pay can be a lot more than you'd think. This calculator will help you see how much your home will actually cost you.

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    Steps for Buying a Home

    Start by defining your goals. Consider where you want to live, the features you're looking for, what you can afford, and a realistic date for having the money you'll need. Then apply your knowledge to making this key decision.

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    What a Car Loan Costs

    When shopping for a car, it's usually best to start by shopping for a car loan. Read more to learn about the costs of borrowing.

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    How long will it take to pay off that credit card?

    Credit cards often have high interest rates, so it's crucial to pay them off quickly. This calculator will show you how long it will take to pay off your credit card balance and how much you'll end up paying in interest.

  • Couple working on a laptop in the kitchen.

    How Much House Can I Afford? Setting a Mortgage Budget

    Wondering how much you should spend on a house? The first step is setting a mortgage budget to determine how much house you can afford. Here's how to plan.

  • WesBanco Wellness: A Series for your Financial Health

    Meet Your 401(k)

    Even if you’re just starting your first real job—actually, especially if you’re just starting your first real job—it’s time to start thinking about retiring. Most employers offer you the opportunity to participate in a salary reduction plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b).

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