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    WesBanco Wellness: College Prep Edition

    Check It Out

    To pay your rent, cover your bills, buy your groceries, and repay your student loans, you'll almost certainly need a checking account. This account will allow you to authorize the transfer of funds, whether you do it in writing or handle everything electronically. A regular checking account with a conventional or online institution is likely to cost you—unless you can find a way to avoid it.

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    Opening Your First Account

    Opening an account at a bank or credit union is the first step toward owning your personal finances. Best of all? It’s super easy.

  • WesBanco Wellness: College Prep Edition

    Are You Cyber Safe? For Teens

    Some things online are obviously unsafe and some decisions are clearly unwise, but others? Well...they can be tricky.

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    Debit Cards

    Debit cards are one of the most common forms of payment. There are generally no limits on the number of transactions you can make with a debit card in a single day. However, most debit cards have daily withdrawal limits, though they vary depending on the bank or card issuer.

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