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Plan a Date Night on a Budget

07/06/2020 - Financial Wellness & Life Planning, Budgeting

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When you’re trying to stick to a budget, but also want to treat yourself and your significant other to a nice date, things can get tricky. Date nights can get expensive, but sometimes the most memorable date night ideas are creative, outside the box experiences. There are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors or plan a date night at home. When it’s just the two of you, why not plan an intimate date off the beaten path, get to know one another and stay responsible with your budget?

Outdoor Date Ideas for Couples

Warm days and evenings are perfect for getting outside to connect with your partner and enjoy the budding trees and blooming wildflowers. These free date ideas are also a nice way to include your furry friends.

  • Picnic in the Park: Local parks are fun to explore throughout the seasons, but warm sunny weather offers a romantic backdrop this time of year. Finding a picturesque spot for a picnic will take a little homework. But once you have a nice, private location in mind, pack a blanket, some well-crafted charcuterie, and maybe a football or frisbee. Enjoy your picnic and easy conversation while connecting with the natural world around you.
  • Get Active: Are you both into staying in shape? Blending your workout routines is at the top of the list for free date ideas. Lace up your sneakers for a run or get out your bikes for a nice afternoon ride.
  • Hiking: Adventure addict? There are lots of hidden meadows, waterfalls and mountain views out there that are worth the hike. With the help of a cell phone app, find a local hiking trail, pack some snacks and get trekking to some natural beauty. Sharing responsibilities like following map directions builds teamwork and strengthens connections. When you reach your destination, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment while enjoying the view with someone you care deeply about.
  • Camping: Want to get away for the weekend? For the ultimate date night on a budget skip the fancy hotel and research local campsites. Pack up the car with hotdogs, marshmallows and other food to cook over a campfire. You’ll find great conversation flowing over the soothing sounds of crickets and frogs.

Plan an Unexpected Date Night At Home

If you’re really tightening up your budget these days or stuck inside due to the weather, there’s nothing wrong with planning a memorable date night at home. It’s also a great opportunity to surprise your significant other with your creativity and cooking skills.

  • Cook a Gourmet Meal Together: A great way to bond over a meal is to cook it together. Pick out a challenging recipe you’ve always wanted to try or a copycat recipe from one of your favorite restaurants. Eating out can be pricey, especially after a few glasses of wine. So, this is a great option to connect for couples on a budget.
  • Lady and the Tramp Date: It may have been a few years since either of you have stared starry-eyed into the world of two animated dogs, but this classic sets the stage for a perfect date night at home. You’ll want to start with a classic spaghetti and meatball recipe and a bottle of red wine. Set the table outside with a tablecloth and cloth napkins, drippy candles and some timeless Frank Sinatra tunes on the radio. Enjoy dining al fresco in the warm air. Spaghetti kiss optional.
  • Go Vintage: Before smart phones, Netflix and social media, couples connected in different ways. So, put down the technology and turn off the TV. Rock on the porch swing while reading a book out loud together. Dust off your board games or a deck of cards. Discover some new bands by taking the time to listen to the radio. There’s nothing like slowing down and savoring some quiet, relaxing time together.
  • Start a Garden: A great date night on a budget, that will also save you money in the long run, is to start a garden together. Pick your favorite veggies and herbs and sink your hands in the dirt. In a few months you’ll be cooking with fresh food and making even more memories.

There’s plenty of opportunities to stay close to your budget while getting close to each other. Whether you’re planning a date night at home or venturing outdoors, date night ideas for just the two of you are easy when you decide to get creative. And, with all this budget-friendly together time, you’ll have a little extra to set aside in your savings for the future.

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